Nicolas Suarez is a seasoned political professional with a wealth of experience in organizing and field consulting, as well as in campaign management and advocacy. Throughout his career, Nicolas has consistently demonstrated his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and to implement effective strategies to drive engagement and mobilize voters. Starting with his role as a Field Organizer for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Nicolas has consistently demonstrated his ability to engage communities and to promote voter engagement and inclusion. During his time as a Field Organizer for Ed Markey for U.S. Senate, Nicolas played a critical role in mobilizing more than 10,000 voters and volunteers and in driving the success of the campaign. As the South Region Youth Advocate for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Nicolas was responsible for representing over 13 southern states in anti-tobacco advocacy and for working with the Campaign to influence both policy and legislation. He also worked personally with the Honduran Ambassador and staff at the United Nations as a Project Intern, where he was responsible for ensuring proper Honduran representation and for attending sessions at the UN. More recently, Nicolas served as Deputy Campaign Manager for GOTVAX, where he was responsible for driving engagement and implementing opportunities for growth. Currently, Nicolas is working as an Organizing and Field Consultant for Link Health, where he is focused on connecting patients to valuable funding that helps close the digital divide.