Link Health Massachusetts Field Director

Leveraging a get-out-the-vote framework paired with place based enrollments in healthcare settings, Link Health has an opportunity to engage our state’s most vulnerable patients who would benefit from the $14.2B in Affordable Connectivity Program funding.

When our patients are cut off from internet they are cut off from opportunity”

– Dr. Alister Martin, Assistant Prof. Harvard Medical School, Link Health Founder

Link Health Field Director

We are actively seeking applications for the position of Link Health Field Director. This role requires an experienced, dynamic, and motivated individual, responsible for managing outreach and field planning for our Massachusetts Link Health program. Additionally, the role involves providing remote support for our digital operations across the state.

Note: This is a remote position, but the ability to travel within Massachusetts is essential.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Team Management and Leadership:
    • Lead a team of six paid staff and volunteers.
    • Conduct regular team meetings and training sessions.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation:
    • Develop comprehensive field strategies and plans.
    • Implement strategies to achieve campaign goals and targets.
  • Data Management and Analysis:
    • Work with the collection and analysis of campaign data.
    • Use data to inform strategic decisions and improve campaign effectiveness.
  • Stakeholder Engagement:
    • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and community leaders.
    • Network with external groups for collaboration and support.
  • Digital Campaign Management:
    • Oversee a team that executes digital campaign efforts.
    • Utilize digital tools to enhance campaign reach and engagement.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Minimum of one cycle of experience in managing a political or public health campaign, particularly in the Massachusetts area.
  • This is a remote position, but the ability to travel within Massachusetts is essential.


  • Type: Full-time (40 hours per week).
  • Compensation: $7,000 per month as a 1099 contractor.
  • Contract Period: January 1, 2024, to January 1, 2025 (Option to extend at Year 1)

If you are passionate about making a difference at the intersection of health and civic engagement, we would love to hear from you. Apply here.

Note: Building and/or leveraging previous relationships with community health centers in the Massachusetts area will be critical for this role.

Know any exceptional candidates? Send them this page!