Digital Equity Ambassadors Program


The Link Health Digital Equity Ambassadors Program works with high caliber pre-health students (undergrad or gap year students) and medical students to connect patients to the Affordable Connectivity Program. 

When patients are cut off from internet they are cut off from opportunity”

– Dr. Alister Martin, Former White House Senior Advisor, Assistant Prof. Harvard Medical School, Link Health Founder

Link Health Digital Equity Ambassadors

Internet access has been labeled a “super” social determinant of health (SDOH) because, with it, patients can access resources linked to better health outcomes, such as educational opportunities, jobs, federal benefits, and health services. Despite widespread internet usage in the United States, 15–24% of Americans lack a broadband connection, a requirement for telehealth, and the many resources that underpin the SDOH. Link Health, is a nonprofit initiative that launched at Massachusetts General Hospital that leverages the healthcare sector to connect patients to a little-known federal benefit called the Affordable Connectivity Program, which gives eligible patients up to $75/mo. to pay their phone/internet bill, increasing broadband access for marginalized patients.

The Link Health Digital Equity Ambassadors Program works with high caliber medical and pre-health students to connect patients to the ACP.

We are looking for Houston-based medical students and pre-health students to join our 2023 cohort of the Link Health Digital Equity Ambassadors program.

Students will:

  • Learn the basics of community organizing
  • Receive the tools and training to connect patients to the ACP to help close the digital divide alongside health care professionals and fellow pre-health students.
  • Engage in optional writing, research, and conference presentation opportunities

Link Health Fellows

Link Health is also recruiting a team of paid Link Health Fellows in Houston who will work to help to spread the word about the affordable connectivity program. Each fellow will be required to work between 10-12 hours per week total in Houston.

Each Link Health Fellow will be paid a $1000 per month stipend. 

Each Link Health Fellow will have two responsibilities. Responsibility

1: A specialized task that will be created based on a combination of their specific skillsets and work that the team needs leadership on. Responsibility

2: Will be to come to two 3-4 hour link health volunteering events (in the afternoon on the weekday) per week to help directly sign patients up for the affordable connectivity program.

Are you also interested in being considered for the Link Health Fellow position?

If yes, please use this form and answer the questions on the Fellows section.

Note: Our in person, Digital Equity Ambassadors Program is only open in Houston. A handful of remote Digital Equity Ambassadors will be accepted and projects will be scoped to fit a virtual setting. 

Know any exceptional medical students or pre-meds? Send them this page!

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