Link Health
Houston Fellows

Meet the dedicated and diverse team of Fellows who are driving the mission of the Houston Link Health Program forward, each contributing their unique expertise and passion to shape the future of community healthcare accessibility.

Nicole Nyamongo

Fellow | Baylor College of Medicine, 2nd Year Student

Nicole is a dedicated 2nd-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. With a passion for community health and patient care, she has joined the Houston Link Health Program as a Fellow to help collect crucial information that will contribute to the program’s success. Nicole’s enthusiasm for bridging healthcare gaps and her empathetic approach make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Abhi Jain

Fellow | Rice University, Major: Cell Biology and Genetics

Abhi brings a unique blend of scientific curiosity and linguistic expertise to the Houston Link Health Program. Currently majoring in Cell Biology and Genetics at Rice University, with a minor in Spanish, Abhi is passionate about healthcare accessibility and equity. Their drive to make a difference has led them to be an integral part of our team of Fellows.

Sophia Nguyen

Fellow | Master of Public Health; UT Health in Houston

As a graduate student pursuing a Master of Public Health at UT Health in Houston, Sophia is committed to promoting community health and well-being. Her expertise in public health and her dedication to improving healthcare systems align perfectly with the goals of the Houston Link Health Program

Jiya Bhatia

Fellow | Rice University, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Sociology

Jiya’s multidisciplinary background in Chemistry and Sociology from Rice University reflects her holistic approach to healthcare. With a keen interest in understanding the societal aspects of health, she has joined the Houston Link Health Program. Her insights and perspectives will undoubtedly contribute to a well-rounded understanding of the community’s needs.

2023 Houston Link Health Ambassadors