Enroll Boston Campaign

A City-Wide Enrollment Campaign for the ACP

Welcome to the Enroll Boston Campaign, a city-wide movement to connect eligible Boston residents to the Affordable Connectivity Program powered by students trained in ACP screening and submission. Enroll Boston aims to bring together students interested in directly serving their communities to address health equity and digital literacy, low and middle-income community members across Boston, and organizations to help close the digital divide and engage in transformative civic engagement. This one-of-a-kind initiative, powered by Link Health, and undergraduate pre-medical students and medical students across Tufts University, Harvard Medical School, and Boston University seeks to amplify the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) by connecting patients to $30/mo ACP payments to lower the costs of their internet bill or get newly connected to high speed internet, while fostering hands-on learning experiences for both undergraduate and medical students. Through a partnership with TEK Collaborative Enroll Boston will also be able to give out free devices to ACP eligible Boston residents


August 28th, 2023

Time: 1:45 PM – 5:15 PM


East Boston Neighborhood Health Center – 20 Maverick Square, Boston, MA 02128

South End Community Health Center – 1601 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

Grove Hall – the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue, Washington and Warren Streets

Brigham & Women’s Hospital – 15 Francis St. Entrance


ACP enrollment trained students from Tufts Students Heightening Actionable Political Engagement (SHAPE) , Harvard Medical School, Boston University Medical School, and various undergraduate institutions will converge across Boston, joining forces to enroll patients in the ACP. This campaign not only enhances access to essential connectivity but also empowers students to enact meaningful change in the realm of health equity and internet access.

The heart of the Enroll Boston Campaign lies in community engagement. Four teams of students will be stationed across Boston, strategically positioned at Link Health partner health centers and high-traffic locations. With two teams stationed at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and the South End Community Health Center, and two more at bustling city spots, the campaign’s reach is extensive and impactful. By interacting with patients and the public at health settings, streets, subway stops, and other locations, the teams will work in a friendly competition to register as many individuals as possible for the ACP.

The day will be marked by a convergence of all four teams for a closeout press conference and awards ceremony at Harvard Medical School. There, we will announce the winning team that enrolled the highest number of ACP eligible patients in the ACP, announce the campaign’s achievements, and celebrate the victors.

Each Enroll Boston Campaign team comprises a diverse and dynamic group:

  • A trained Link Health fellow well-versed in the ACP
  • A city, state, or federal official dedicated to promoting digital equity in Boston
  • Three to four medical students from medical schools in the city of Boston
  • Ten to twelve dedicated undergraduates skilled in ACP screening


Beyond the primary objective of expanding ACP enrollment and bridging the digital divide, the campaign harbors multi-faceted goals. TEK Collaborative, a partner in this journey, will distribute computers to newly enrolled ACP patients, closing the digital gap within our community. Additionally, through strategic engagement with the City of Boston , the campaign strives to create a lasting model for how a city’s youth can come together to help unconnected households get online at the city level.

About Link Health

Highlighted by media outlets like the Boston Globe, Link Health has made significant strides in connecting patients to the ACP, ensuring their access to essential online resources. Recognized by institutions like the Aspen Institute, NBC, and the New England Journal of Medicine, Link Health’s work stands as an example of innovation and compassion.